The Fellowship Experience

Our four-year training program is designed to provide a solid foundation in clinical medicine and develop an individualized research plan.

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Year 1 Clinical Fellow (F1)

The F1 year provides grounding in pulmonary and critical care medicine with rotations in consult services, lung transplantation, physiology, and medical/non-medical intensive care units. We introduce you to research opportunities, identify potential mentors, and hold two research retreats (Spring/Fall).

Year 2 Clinical Fellow (F2)

The F2 year builds on the foundation of the F1 year with additional rotations in consult services and intensive care units. Advanced training is provided with anesthesiology (airway management), procedures (interventional pulmonology), lung pathology, and clinical electives. Finally, a research plan is developed following selection of a mentor and a project.

Year 3–4 Research Fellow

Protected research time with career development seminars. Elective time is also available for those interested in further subspecialty training.

Year 5–6 Junior Faculty

Protected research time with attending clinical time as funding progresses.

A Preview of 2016–2017

  1. July 2016: Class of 2017 Welcome Reception
  2. July–September 2016: Summer Lecture Series
  3. September 2016: Partners GME F2 Retreat
  4. September 2016: Fellowship Grand Rounds
  5. October 2016: F1 Fall Research Retreat, F2 Research Proposals
  6. December 2016: DOM F1 Retreat, F2 Research Presentation with Mentors
  7. January 2017: F1/F2 Feedback Dinner
  8. Feburary 2017: Fellowship Grand Rounds
  9. March 2017: F1 Spring Research Retreat
  10. May 2017: American Thoracic Society
  11. June 2017: Graduation/Visiting Professor

Current Fellows, Year 1

  • Raghu Chivukula, MD, PhD

    Undergrad: Johns Hopkins (Neuroscience) MD: Johns Hopkins Residency: MGH
  • Triastan Kooistra, MD

    Undergrad: MIT (Biology) MD: Harvard Medical School Residency: BIDMC
  • Robert Rogers, MD

    Undergrad: Harvard University (Economics) MD: Columbia Residency: MGH
  • Alyssa Sclafani, MD

    Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania (English, Biology) MD: Harvard Medical School Residency: MGH
  • Alexandra Wong, MD

    Undergrad: Tufts University (Biochemistry) MD: University of Minnesota Residency: BU
  • Ryan Kindle, MD

    Undergrad: Rensselaer (Computer Systems Engineering & Science) MD: Georgetown University Residency: Vanderbilt

Current Fellows, Year 2

  • Jehan Alladina, MD

    Undergrad: Brown University (Neuroscience) MD: Baylor Residency: MGH
  • Michael Feldman, MD, PhD

    Undergrad: Colby College (Chemistry, European History) MD: Cornell (MD/PhD) Residency: UCSF
  • Laura Myers, MD

    Undergrad: Dartmouth College (Biochemical Sciences) MD: HMS Residency: MGH
  • Alexander (Alex) Rabin, MD

    Undergrad: Yale (Music) MD: Emory Residency: BWH
  • Morgan Soffler, MD

    Undergrad: Tufts (Biology, Child Development) MD: Tufts Residency: Yale
  • Andrew Synn, MD

    Undergrad: UNC Chapel Hill (English Literature) MD: HMS Residency: BWH

Current Fellows, Year 3

  • George Alba, MD

    Undergrad: Washington University (Biology, English Literatur) MD: Mt. Sinai Residency: MGH
  • Elias Baedorf Kassis, MD

    Undergrad: Bates College (Biology) MD: Yale Residency: MGH
  • Amy Dickey, MD

    Undergrad: University of Oklahoma (Chemistry) Graduate: Vanderbilt (Cell & Developmental Biology) MD: Vanderbilt Residency: University of Washington
  • David Dudzinski, MD

    Undergrad: Penn State University (Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Economics) Law School: Harvard Law School MD: Harvard Medical School Residency: MGH Cardiology Fellowship: MGH
  • Anica Law, MD

    Undergrad: Harvard College (Molecular & Cellular Biology) MD: University of Pennsylvania Residency: BWH
  • Ari Moskowitz, MD

    Undergrad: Washington University (Biology, Psychology) MD: Mt. Sinai Residency: BIDMC
  • Christopher Richards, MD

    Undergrad: Bates College (Chemistry) MD: Harvard Medical School Residency: BIDMC