We train leaders in academic medicine by providing:

  • Didactic sessions led by leaders in medical education and clinical medicine.

  • A model of clinical excellence with fellow-focused learning opportunities.

  • Individualized mentored research training from Day One.

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From The Director

The mission of our fellowship is to train outstanding physicians who will advance our field as leaders in clinical medicine, science, and education. We invite you to explore the exceptional opportunities offered by our combined training program, supported by two major teaching hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School.
Peter Clardy, MD — Program Director
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Recent and Noteworthy

BIDMC Awarded Grant to Improve ICU Care

BIDMC was one of four hospitals selected nationally by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as part of a consortium focused on optimizing safety in the ICU through patient engagement, system science and information technology. BIDMC will receive $5.3 million over the next two years to develop novel models of risk assessment, new tools to guide practitioners in the delivery of safe, evidence-based critical care, and new opportunities for patients and families to use technology to interface with their care teams.

BIDMC Leading Investigation of Esophageal Pressure-guided Ventilation

BIDMC is the coordinating center and primary clinical site of the ongoing NIH/NHLBI Phase II randomized controlled trial of esophageal pressure-guided mechanical ventilation for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), commonly referred to as EPvent 2. BIDMC is recognized as a national leader in the use of esophageal pressure monitoring for ARDS, and division members are playing a critical role in what is expected to be the major clinical trial of this ventilator management strategy.

MGH Receives Award to Study HIV-Associated Lung Disease

InhaLd Logo.

In collaboration with the Ragon Institute, the MGH PCCU was recently named as one of eight centers in the U.S. to the NHLBI-funded INHALD Network. The MGH team, led by Dr. Benjamin Medoff, will work to define the immune mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of HIV-associated COPD.

Dr. Mary Rice testifies on greenhouse emissions and health

Senator Ed Markey with Dr. Mary Rice.

Dr. Rice (fellowship class of 2013, current BIDMC faculty) has testified as a representative of the American Thoracic Society before the Senate and at a hearing of the House Science, Space and Technology committee. Dr. Rice discussed the scientific literature, her own research findings related to ozone exposure and lung function in the Framingham Heart Study, and her personal concern for air quality as a mother of 3 young children.

Dr. George Cheng and Dr. Adnan Majid featured in Boston Globe

A comparison of 3D printed stents.

Dr. Cheng and Dr. Majid have been carrying out research related to novel approaches to airway stents. The article discusses exciting work using 3-D printed stents designed from CT scans.

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Key Dates for Applicants
Class of 2016

  • July 2015: Apply through ERAS
  • August 2015: NRMP registration
  • September—October 2015: Interviews
  • November 2015: Rank Order List
  • December 2015: Match Day
  • July 2015: Fellowship begins